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The 5 Books That Transformed My Visioning

January 18, 2022

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Vision crafting, at its core, is one of the most beautiful gifts you could give yourself and the business you care for.

Vision has this alchemical ability to take us out of the shadows of dis-orientation and re-orient us toward our North Star. And when we share our vision vividly it gives us the key to unlock the gift of unity, whereby others get to dissolve into the pure love of our vision’s pursuit.

Below are a compilation of books that may serve you too (with a bonus 6th book):

1) Vivid Vision
“Cameron takes us through his Vivid Vision method that he perfected over a decade of growing companies as a COO. Vivid Vision takes the best of Olympic sports coaching and marries it with the field of business to create a solid and proven template for navigating one’s business and life for the next 3 years. I love how Cameron clearly shows us how to create a vivid vision long-form statement (on average 5 pages) to share with every stakeholder involved in bringing it to fruition. 

2) The Vision Code

“Oleg has given us the theory and practice of vision work. Each chapter features interview snippets with C-Suite leaders of companies he has consulted for, which provides a footing of theory in practice. Oleg offers practical and thorough tips on aligning execution of metrics and quality with vision whilst leaving room to embrace uncertainty that inevitably arises along the growth path. I love that Oleg weaves in the inextricable link between our personal and business vision and how to utilize this entanglement to create a stronger vision. 

3) B.E. 2.0

“Jim has an epic chapter dedicated to vision that acts as an orienting read for everything else I’ve read on vision. Namely because he makes the important point that vision drives strategy, goals, and tactics. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs (and I’m not excluding myself) get taken by shiny goals and making decisions that don’t build toward a long-term goal. I do acknowledge that trial and error is not failure and is a huge part of the discovery process (and during times of massive change) but also know that having a vision keeps experimentation on course with the long-term vision. 

4) She Rules

“Sara has a chapter dedicated to aligning your values with your vision. While Jim Collins B.E. 2.0 book acknowledges values as the first stepping stone to creating a big hairy audacious vision (and goal), Sara’s book dives deeper into drawing these values out through a series of self-discovery questions and exercises.”

5) How To Lead A Badass Business From Your Heart

“Mackenzie is so cool, if I were to ever meet her in person she would have me crushing so hard. She is a visionary leader goddess and her book is the antidote to business stagnancy. You may know Mackenzie from her time on Dragon’s Den when she received a generous offer from Mark Cuban (only to later turn it down… because values and alignment). It’s fascinating to read this book from the perspective of how values inform the vision of a company from a grass roots startup level.  If you’re looking for something magical and off the beaten path to get those innovation juices flowing, this is the book for you!”

6) Empathic Leadership In Business (Bonus)

“Isabella is a thought leader for the new paradigm in business being called forth through the Earth. Her chapter on vision waxes lyrically with words rich in meaning and deep in value. She translates vision into poetic language, demonstrating vision as a carrier of wisdom inspiring deep surrender by those drawn to see it bloom. Truly a business book that is just as much a piece of art, and priced like it too (I paid nearly $100 CAD to have it imported to my home in Toronto). I treasure the words inside deeply.

I’m curious, have you read one of these? How significant was it for you?

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