Million Dollar Vision with Jill Stanton

October 25, 2023

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About this episode:

Today we have a very insightful and inspiring guest joining us, Jill Stanton. In this episode, Jill shares her journey of personal growth and transformation, and how she developed a million-dollar vision for her life and business. We’ll dive deep into topics like taking initiative, embracing self-improvement, and the power of alignment. Jill also opens up about the challenges she faced, the importance of prioritizing personal vision, and the freedom that comes from letting go of what no longer serves us. Plus, she shares exciting plans for immersive experiences and retreats that integrate family life and entrepreneurship. So get ready to be inspired and gain valuable insights from Jill’s incredible story. Let’s jump right in!

Jill’s Story

Jill’s story has been a constant journey of growth and expansion. Over the past two years, she has dedicated herself to discovering her highest potential and finding ways to make a powerful impact. Jill believes that it’s important to define what those terms mean for her personally, rather than conforming to society’s expectations of going big and serving millions. For her, the horizon represents unlimited possibilities and she is determined to explore just how far she can go. Listen in and learn from her process.

Jill’s Fave Books:

  • Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza
  • I am Enough by Marissa Peer
  • Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi 
  • 10x is Easier Than 2x by Benjamin Hardy
  • The Mountain is You by Brianna Weist

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Jill [00:00:00]:

What matters to me is alignment and peace and doing what I wanna do and becoming the version of me who has that and knows how to grow that and creates the best fucking community in the world, like a true world class experience for women at a 1000000 plus. And then I get to be selective with the women who come into her 1st million coaching with me. And I only wanna work with the chicks who are hungry and willing to do what it takes and who you need to become to hit a million.

Melissa [00:00:32]:

Welcome to the Own Your Horizon podcast. I’m your host Melissa Leathwood. Today, we have An amazing guest. Her name is Jill Stanton. Jill is a serial entrepreneur. She’s the founder of, get this, The millionaire girls club and her first million. She’s also a mama And a one four splenic manifestor in human design. So Jill is designed To initiate people into their greatness.

Melissa [00:01:10]:

So I’m really looking forward to you Getting a lot out of hearing her story, but also hearing her process around how it is that She’s continually been able to calibrate, reinvent herself, and really choose, her own alignment and peace over and over again and how that has worked out for her and in her favor. And one more thing before we dive right in. If you are ready to create a $1,000,000 vision, I want you to head on over to my website, melissaleithwood.com. I’m also gonna include the link in the show notes because there, you’re going to Find a $1,000,000 vision activation mini audio course. I know that you’re going to love it. It’s gonna make a huge difference in your business And helping you gain clarity and making clear decisions, which are the hallmarks of any Successful business. Okay. Let’s dive into the interview.

Melissa [00:02:19]:

Here’s Jill. Tell me. What does it mean, Jill, to really own your horizon? When I say that, what comes to mind?

Jill [00:02:27]:

I think for me, it’s been a constantly evolving process, to be honest. Like, when I think of Horizon, I think of expanse. Right? And when I think of expanse, I think of constant evolution and growth and expansion. And expansion’s been a real Top of mind hot topic for me over the last 2 years. Like, I’ve really put forth a, like, Concerted, like, dedication or, like, energetic focus on who do I need to be to expand into my highest potential. And so when I think of on your horizon, it’s like, how big can I go? How powerful can I be? How impactful can I be, I guess? But, like, also identifying and defining what that means for me. I think so often, it’s easy to get caught up in, like, I have to go big, and I have to serve 1,000,000, and I have to do all the things. And that’s lovely, but that is not my path.

Melissa [00:03:34]:

I’m very clear on that. It took me a long time to get clear on that, though, because My first biz well, my 2nd business with my husband was called Screw the 9 to 5, and that was very much a volume play. Like, in that, we thought we had to go big, had to serve 1,000,000, had to do all the volume things, had to do low ticket, Had to do big launches. And when I started MGC, I was like, wait. I get to define what this is for me, what this means for me, who I am inside of it, who I serve, what kind of offers I have. And so when I think of horizon, my long winded answer or of what I think horizon would be. It’s like infinite opportunities, the freedom and ex the freedom to explore your own expansion and become whoever the f you wanna be.

Melissa [00:04:27]:

Yeah. Exactly. And so that expansion piece, can we dive into because I know you have, like, an amazing story That involves tears and crying on the closet floor. I’ve heard it. It’s so amazing. Can you tell us a little bit about that Moment of courage that was required to come out of crisis And into courage and expansion.

Melissa [00:04:56]:

Yeah. I feel like that was my first moment of awakening. I feel as though I’ve actually had a few of those moments in the last well, that was 2018. So, like, early 2018, so almost 6 years now. I’ve had a lot of those weeks of cry maybe not, you know, all the weeks pregnant, crying on the closet floor, but many tears shed many up levels, many moments of like, holy shit. Am I actually gonna do this? And, like, really tuning into what I want, what I no longer want, and therefore, what I really want, and then who do I need to be to have that. And so the moment you’re referencing is February 2018. I was, like, 38 weeks pregnant, and I was So gripped by fear and uncertainty and lack, and I just felt so trapped in mine and Josh’s business at that time.

Melissa [00:05:50]:

We that was when we had screw the 9 to 5. And, again, we were we believed we had to do this volume play. And so we had a membership. It was, like, 69, $79 a month, and I had no boundaries in there. And I just, like, I was a hardcore people pleaser. I would do I was constantly in a cycle of like, oh my god. I don’t want people to cancel. You know what I mean? I was because in a membership, like, your number 1 holy grail metric is churn and retention.

Melissa [00:06:23]:

And I think I got in this loop of, like, focusing so strongly on retention. It was like I would do anything to keep people. And in that process, I abandoned myself completely and just created a culture of, like for myself, Codependency, people pleasing, lack of boundaries, 0 standards. And in that moment of being on the floor, I was like, what the fuck is this life of mine right now. Like, what is happening? Is this how my life is gonna be always? Because I feel really powerless I’m really scared, and this is not who I am. And so, like, now what? And it took me a minute to really get to any kind of resolution. A huge catalyst moment for me, though, was having my son. Really having he was truly and quite honestly, like, my biggest catalyst of growth.

Melissa [00:07:15]:

Because he came in and I, like, walked through the initiation that is motherhood. And all of a sudden, like, all the f’s I gave started to fall away, which was also, like, kind of a, What’s the word I’m looking for? Just like a discombobulating situation because I I it’s almost like I no longer recognize myself. I was like, I don’t wanna go into the membership anymore. I don’t wanna do anymore. I don’t wanna do that or that or that or that or that or that, which is a really scary place when all of your revenue like, 80% of your revenue is tied to one offer. And so that was like

Melissa [00:07:49]:


Melissa [00:07:49]:

was in, like, the void for a good 3 or 4 months at that point. I call it the reserve misery. It’s like the distance between where you are versus where you wanna be. And in between there is, like, the river of misery, and you have to wade through it in order to get to the other side. And for Josh and I, that was like a good strong 4 dark ass months where we were just like, what? I don’t know what to like, why is it feeling like this? We used to love our community. You know? And we love the people in it no matter what, but, like, the business model no longer served us. It wasn’t the people. It was a business model and lack of boundaries and people pleasing and fear and scarcity and luck and a lack of power.

Melissa [00:08:30]:

It was all the things, Melissa. And so I remember in June so that was in February. And then late June, Josh and I were on our patio. And he said to me, we were just kind of in this moment of, like, what do we do? Like, this sucks. So what do we do now? And he looked at me, and he’s like, what if we shut down screw you? And I’m a splenic authority manifestor, and I was like, yep. That’s the move. Like, I didn’t even need to it was almost like I needed him to say it in order for it to click with me. And the second he said it, I was like, yes.

Melissa [00:09:03]:

A 100%. That’s the move. We’re doing that by the end of the year. And so that started that was end of June. We told our members at our live event in September, and we shut it down on New Year’s. And it was a beautiful like, I was so worried to tell them, but it was really a beautiful experience. It’s like we hosted a final call. Everyone came.

Melissa [00:09:24]:

We shared our favorite memories, what we were grateful for, like, all of that. It was such a beautiful closure to that chapter. And then January 1, 2020 or excuse me, 2019, we kicked the year off with, like, we had shed everything that no longer served us. Offers, team, our free Facebook groups, like, everything that no longer felt aligned with who we wanted to be and how we wanted to run our business, we just released. And it was such a feeling of of freedom, And I felt so proud of us. And I remember because, obviously, we had built a level of credibility from having a huge Facebook group of, like, 50,000 plus people, you know, a big ass membership and all this kind of stuff. And I remember people didn’t really understand, like, Are you guys okay? Like, why are you shutting everything down? And I remember just being like the main thing that hit me was, like, they don’t need to understand why we’re doing something. Like, they weren’t given this vision.

Melissa [00:10:24]:

We were. And once I realized that, I was like, I don’t actually care what they think. I just wanna feel good again. And I wanna build this in service of who we wanna be, and that really changed everything for us. And Surprise, surprise. As we cleared out that stagnant energy 3 months later, maybe not even is when I had the idea for millionaire girls club. It was in March on the back of a scooter in Bali, and it hit me again. Spelnik authority hit me like a fucking lightning bolt.

Melissa [00:10:53]:

And I was like, that’s the move. There we go. The next thing just dropped in, but I was just so intimidated by it. I had to do a lot of work. Took me a good 2 years to get it going because I was just like I had to do my own growth and my own inner work to become the version of me who could hold that space.

Melissa [00:11:14]:

So Wow. I’m hearing such an interesting process. There is this stage where you really Believe in the in between while you’re in that void. Right? When you’re in that void, it there’s truly, like, A space that you enter in which you you you’re put in a situation where you have to believe in the in between. Believe in between where you were And not knowing where the fuck you’re going.

Melissa [00:11:45]:

Yeah. True. It is the ultimate surrender.

Melissa [00:11:49]:

Right. It is. And What’s so fun about that I say fun very lightly. I

Melissa [00:11:55]:

was like, it was not fun. It was

Melissa [00:11:59]:

death. Exactly. Right? Yeah. But I think what’s really cool is that a lot of women can really relate to that, a lot of female entrepreneurs, Because that’s something that I find with many clients who come into my own world. It’s like, you know, whether they’re just starting out or they’re really a seasoned entrepreneur and they’re bored or they’re they’ve hit a wall and they’re just like, I’m not that person anymore that ran that business. I wanna go somewhere else. Mhmm. I don’t know where I wanna go yet, but this is not it.

Melissa [00:12:32]:

Yeah. This trajectory I’m on right now is not the one. Right? And so what I I hear in your story is really, like, just that resiliency that’s needed when you enter that void to really truly believe in yourself even though you don’t or haven’t yet anchored into the new identity.

Melissa [00:12:55]:

Really wish I had known my human design during that time, because now I approach it very differently. Like, I was talking to another manifestor, and She was like, is it bad that I’m kinda cocky about my design? I was like, I’m so cocky about my design. Like, I’m just like, well, it’s all good because I’m a manifester. So, You know, like, if I had approached that 2018 time with the knowledge around my design, I’d be like, oh, we’re good. This is absolutely supposed to be happening. But it was really scary at that time because I had never that was the start of my identity work. And I just, like, voraciously inhaled anything I could around. Like, I was just reading books after books after books, listening to podcast, like, learning from people, like, just I was a sponge at that point because I knew that was my next edge.

Melissa [00:13:45]:

I was so unconscious and unselfaware and unemotionally intelligent before that. Like, I really operated out of triggers and probably a whole lot of not self theme and just really dimmed my power. Like, I was super combative. I was super wrapped up in fear of judgment. Like, I was just not my best self at that time. And so knowing my design, knowing my jean keys, all of that would have been so supportive for me. But I’m glad I know it now because it is truly I carried in my back pocket like my secret weapon.

Melissa [00:14:23]:

So if you were to enter another void, now that you do know that, How do you think it would go for you?

Melissa [00:14:33]:

I think I would honor space. I would give myself space. Like, I really, I mean, I have entered void since then, like, when I left screw the 9 to 5 and really made that decision. I mean, starting MGC was a whole up level on it, all on its own. Like, I had had 10 plus years of really strained, humiliating experiences with women during some really formative years for me, and I never knew how to heal that. And so then when I had the vision to start a community for women at a 1000000 plus, like, the powerful well, all women are powerful. But but you know what I mean. Like, seasoned entrepreneurs, people who do the work, people who are have deep skin in the game, all of that.

Melissa [00:15:13]:

Like, you have to be a certain level of yourself to hold space and be able to facilitate a space and a community like that and be able to hold space for them. And so I had to do a lot of my own work around that. So that was a huge moment of void, like, when I ran my 1st retreat and really couldn’t unsee how aligned MGC was was for me and then went back into screw the 9 to 5, like, the next day, like, that was a really dark time for me. Because I was like, wait a second. I now hate screw the 9 to 5. Maybe not. Hate’s a strong word, but I was just I couldn’t unsee how unaligned I was with it at that point. I was like, I don’t wanna do this anymore, which felt like it was its own emotional cluster fuck for me because then I had to, like, navigate the guilt around leaving Josh in that business to start my own thing.

Melissa [00:16:03]:

Because, Also, at the time, Josh was not aligned. Just screw the 9 to 5. He never wanted to be the guy ever. He’s never wanted to be, like, front and center coaching, like, podcasting, like, being the face, like, that is he’s a 24. So he’s, like, a great connector in the moment, but There’s not one part of him who wants to be on social media like no way. You know? He doesn’t even answer text messages. So he really is Like, he just loves to be left alone to build and do his, like, funnels and his tinkering and his strategy planning and all that kind of stuff. So, there was, like, a big moment where I was like, how in the fuck am I gonna say this to him? Because previously, he had tried to leave screw the 9 to 5, and I was Adamant about him not leaving.

Melissa [00:16:49]:

I was like, no. No. You’re not. Cute idea, but, no, you’re not doing that because I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t believe I could run it myself. Again, I hadn’t even known about the one line or anything like that. Like, I was just like, nope. I am not smart enough to do this on my own.

Melissa [00:17:07]:

I absolutely need Josh. And so then when I had the idea to go on my own, that was like its own mind fuck I had to navigate. And then when I actually did it and I was all in on MGC and we phased out screw the 9 to 5, then that was its own mind fuck to navigate because I’m like, holy shit. Now it’s my business that’s everything. So, like, every phase that I’ve gone through has had its own void y moment. But now I I know, like, when I anchor into my power and what I believe and, like, the level of trust I have in myself. And I remind myself that I’m a strong ass initiator. I’m a really good connector.

Melissa [00:17:47]:

And, like, when I put shit out there, it just seems to work. And when I count on that, everything works. And so I’ve just really learned to trust that.

Melissa [00:17:57]:

That particular piece around belief and identity is something that is just so important. And I I feel like with Her 1st million. So for those listeners who don’t know, Jill has this amazing I wanna say it’s a course. It’s a community. It’s a movement of women Who are striving towards their 1st million in business through creating more impact, through being of service in the best, Most beautiful way. And if it’s one thing that I’ve loved about being in that community because I’m a member is That it really drives home you do this so beautifully, Jill. It’s driving home this idea of Anchoring into your identity and your beliefs and just how important they are in calling out people’s Shit. Mhmm.

Melissa [00:19:02]:

My favorite thing to do.

Melissa [00:19:04]:

Yes. And you do it, like, So great. So so eloquently in the community. And so I think, you know, that particular piece, when we think about vision, The stronger your vision, the stronger and more successful you have that potential to be. And so Those businesses that have a clear and compelling and well executed vision are the ones that have are, like, truly a better chance at getting there in terms of that her first million status. And so for me, When you really drill home this idea of, like, beliefs at your identity, like, forget the tactics. Like, your beliefs and your identity is what you need to be focusing on right now.

Melissa [00:19:56]:

Because it’ll inform the tactics.

Melissa [00:19:58]:

Because exactly. Because it will inform the tactics. And those beliefs and those and those pieces, you know, that make up the identity are so integral to the vision. Because what is vision? I’m just gonna get a little bit energetic here. If we look into the energetics of vision, what is it? It’s related to our third eye, our pineal gland. It’s related to our mental body. Our mental body has a lot to do with our unconscious beliefs and our Conscious identity. And so those 2 aspects are the foundation for Vision.

Melissa [00:20:45]:

And when you have a solid vision, which is your North Star, it’s the vision Along with the beliefs and the identity that inform the vision that solidify the strategy, The goals and the tactics. Otherwise, when something comes along that pulls us off track, something that may be a shiny object or a crisis that were not Taken astray. Right? Because we’ve solidified who we are, Our identity, and we’ve solidified what we believe in, what we stand for, and where we’re going. And so that’s why I really feel like you can’t drill home hard enough, like, just truly how important identity And beliefs are. And so when you mention yeah. Go ahead. Go. Go for it.

Melissa [00:21:44]:

No. You’re queuing this up so perfectly because What I’m about to say is so in line with this, but when it comes to HFM so I haven’t mentioned this in the group yet, but I’m about to next week is I love the SLO community that I like, the workshop series community there, and I’m I know I will love the live coaching element of it. But the 2nd I dropped that, I was like, wait a second. Why does this now feel off for me? And I realized so, obviously, in that moment, I’m like, I know now. Instead of, like, stressing out about it, I’m like, okay. Now is the time for exploration. What feels off? Like, what is it that’s like, that niggling feeling for me? And I realized what I was doing with HFM. I mean, I love the mission of it.

Melissa [00:22:33]:

Right? I really do, and I believe in it so strongly, and I’m still gonna have an active involvement in it. But what I realized is that was me operating in the familiar. It is another version of screw the 9 to 5. A group program, group coaching, like, Well, I mean, it was gonna be high ticket, so it wasn’t really screw the 9 to 5, but, like, big groups, coaching every week, Like, lots of calls on my calendar. I was like, that’s screw the 9 to 5. That is, like, how I was conditioned or how I knew how to build a business. What do I actually wanna do? Ding. I wanna grow the club.

Melissa [00:23:13]:

The club is my social club and membership community for women at a1000000 It is my driver. It is my heart. I love it. I love the women in it. I love running the events for it. It is what I wanna grow. And I realized I was starting to go down the path of having this big group program for Her First 1,000,000 because I was intimidated by my true vision because I don’t quote, unquote know how to grow that the way that I know how to grow HFM, which is I grow HFM through Her First Million through funnels, ads, and big launches. But that is actually not how I wanna grow this business.

Melissa [00:23:57]:

And once I realized that, well, then it was, like, an easy decision at that point. I was like, okay. Cool. I still wanna have the Her First Million community, But I don’t wanna do a big group program, like, tons of calls on my calendar. That’s just not who I am anymore. I don’t wanna do it. I don’t find that energizing anymore. And so now what? And so I realized, like, 2 things I love, the club and my events.

Melissa [00:24:22]:

Love my events so, so, so, so, so much. And I love 1 on 1 coaching. Like, I really love riffing with people. I’m a strong ass initiator. I’m a really strong activator. And, my four line, I believe at least, allows me to have really great relationships with the people that I work with, And I love connecting them to the other people in my network, whether that’s in my MGC community or my other clients in HFM, whatever that is. And so I made the decision, and I’m announcing it next week. But just telling you right now since it’s so perfectly aligned with this conversation is, like, It was a scary decision because it’s literally me walking away from 1,000,000 of dollars to not run that program, but that doesn’t matter to me.

Melissa [00:25:07]:

What matters to me is alignment and peace and doing what I wanna do and becoming the version of me who has that and knows how to grow that and creates the best fucking community in the world, like a true world class experience for women at a million plus. And then I get to be selective with the women who come into her 1st million coaching with me. And I only wanna work with the chicks who are hungry and willing to do what it takes and who you need to become to hit a million. And so I was talking to a girlfriend of mine, Jessica Marks, and I was telling her about this decision. She’s like, well, you gotta think of it this way. Like, with a community like Her First 1,000,000, say you get, you know, 50 people in there. Great. Cool.

Melissa [00:25:47]:

Yay. We made, like, basically, $1,000,000 at that point. Awesome. But your whole goal with her first million is to help people hit a1000000 so that they can come into MGC. Right? And I was like, yes. And she’s like, but only 2% of women entrepreneurs actually hit $1,000,000. Most of them can’t take the emotional onslaught that comes most people in general, not just women, but, like, most people in general can’t take the emotional roller coaster or the sacrifice or who you need to become in order to be that version of you and whatnot. And she’s like, so say you have, like, I don’t know, 2 or 3 out of the 50 who actually hit a1000000, are they gonna join MGC? Because you would have just curated a whole group of 47 people who didn’t do it.

Melissa [00:26:35]:

Right? And what does that say to your ability to create powerful networks? And I was like, fuck. Like, that was such a poignant like, the way she said that, I was like, holy. Because it would reflect so poorly on my ability to curate a community. If I only had 3 who did the work and did the like, actually hit the goal. But 47 who did nothing or not nothing, but, like, probably got trapped in their excuses, you know, lower level beliefs or whatever, they’re like blocks. That reflects really poorly on my ability to curate a powerful community. And so if my goal is to help people hit a1000000, well, what’s the easiest way for me to do that? Close proximity. And so once I became aware of that, it was like, okay.

Melissa [00:27:24]:

No group program, strictly, like, selective coaching with who I wanna work with and get them into a million, and then we go from there. And I build the club that way. And so that was huge awareness for me. Again, probably probably not everyone’s gonna agree with that decision. They’re gonna be like, that’s a really financially dumb decision because you’re literally leaving 1,000,000 of dollars on the table. But I just truly believe also with my, like, manifester life, like, peace is the biggest thing for me. I have it tattooed on my wrist, peace and power. You know? And so I need to honor that.

Melissa [00:27:59]:

I need to live by that. And that was a you know, What’s a word for it? Like, inconvenient decision I had to make, but one that felt so aligned and just I know will open the floodgates for me.

Melissa [00:28:15]:

You’re doing the manifestor thing. You’re, like, seeding, pioneering, like, just hearing that whole story about how You just realize that you’re doing this old way, which is very familiar to you with the screw the 9 to 5. And, again, that, like, community model, And that’s just not the way. And so you have the ability to recognize it. And I think that’s really, you know, a huge piece of Of being not only a leader, but a visionary leader is to be able to recognize when it’s like no. That String me off course from my North Star. And so Yes. You know? Yeah.

Melissa [00:28:53]:

Exactly. And so, you know, How did you because not everybody has that awareness. Right? And I think that’s the awareness piece is probably one of the huge It’s it’s one of the huge pieces when it comes to leading a vision is to be able to recognize when You’re off track. Right?

Melissa [00:29:19]:

Well and I’m a huge believer that when you do something that is out of alignment, you will absolutely run into resistance. Like, it’ll it’ll just be such a painful process. And I was thinking to myself, like, do I actually wanna spend, like, 4 months not being my best self for these people? Like, no. They deserve better than that. They don’t deserve someone who is just running a program for the cash. You know what I mean? Like, that sucks. Yeah. That’s a shitty experience for them.

Melissa [00:29:46]:

And I don’t ever want someone to come into my world and be like, that was very mediocre. You know? And so I only wanna do what I wanna do. That’s why I started this business, and I’m a true believer that alignment is velocity. And if alignment is velocity, then I can trust that when I operate in in alignment, everything happens, and it happens better than I probably expected expect it’s going to happen. Even, like, around the like, it’s just been such a journey for me around, like, honoring something feels off here. What is it? Versus before I started doing a lot of this work and also truly before I started learning about my human design, I would push through through that. I’d be like, you’re just being lazy, or you’re just tired, or, you know, you just are whatever it is. You know? You’re just, like, focusing on the negative.

Melissa [00:30:38]:

But now I’m like, no. No. No. No. No. It’s my internal compass telling me that this is not meant for me. And if it’s not meant for me, then that is not the way that I best serve people. And so what is? And so once I got clear on, Oh, well, I really like working in, close proximity with people.

Melissa [00:30:56]:

And so for me, that looks like I take on selective private clients. And then I also have, like, Voxer only containers because I love a good chat, and I find it really easy to just Activate and coach through voice. I love it. And then I have private retreats for those who are craving proximity plus a bougie ass experience. And then Outside of that, every other ounce of my focus goes to MGC. And so now once I said no to a group program, Then, like, immediately, I dropped into 2 new ideas. So I’m gonna start hosting plant medicine retreats for MGC for women who are, like, seeking that kind of experience. And then Josh and I are starting MGC family retreats, which is, like, the woman and her partner and her kids all coming to the thing, which it’ll just be I wouldn’t have had that idea if I hadn’t said no to the group program, I don’t think, or I wouldn’t have had the capacity to run and fill something like that.

Melissa [00:31:57]:

So all good things come when you say no to the, like, good and go for the great. I really believe that.

Melissa [00:32:04]:

And something that you just mentioned about, like, the whole family retreats, this brings me back to a conversation I was having with a friend of mine from business school who’s I mean, he’s, like, 8, probably even 9 figure entrepreneur. He’s got 3 head offices UK and Africa and Canada. And one thing he mentioned to me, he’s now is 50 50 years old, and he said to me, You know, I’ve been chasing my vision for such a long time, and it’s always been, like, about the vision, about the vision, about the vision, That somehow I was just too focused on the on the business’s vision And not really taking a look at the vision, yeah, his personal vision And how the business fits into that. And he had a real homecoming to, like, come back into his family life. He has, like, 4 kids. He’s sorry. He has 4 kids. He’s got, you know, so much kinda going on, and it it only just struck him now that it’s like I got lost in my vision, and what I wish I knew then would you know, was that my personal vision has to come first.

Melissa [00:33:23]:

And my business vision has to fit in with that.

Melissa [00:33:27]:

We’re trained that that’s, like, selfish.

Melissa [00:33:31]:


Melissa [00:33:31]:

You know what I mean? Like, don’t just focus on yourself. Well, who the fuck is gonna run the business? Exactly. You are. So, like, you should focus on yourself. You know? It’s not greedy. It’s not selfish. It’s not self centered. And, Also, I I think it was Abraham Hicks who said this.

Melissa [00:33:49]:

Like, of course, you wanna be selfish. Like, that’s honoring yourself, capital s. You know? Like, of course, you wanna be selfish. You know? Yes. Focus on yourself. Yes. Honor your needs, your vision, your desires, your clarity. That is how you serve the business or the people or your team or your family or your friends, whoever.

Melissa [00:34:15]:

You can’t serve them if you’re not serving yourself.

Melissa [00:34:18]:

A 100%. Exactly. And so that’s why I’m just like, Wow. You know, having these family retreats as you mentioned, tell me a little bit about that. Like, you know, I I kinda get this idea that it’s Coming at it from, like, a more holistic, sense.

Melissa [00:34:35]:

Yeah. It’s I’m so excited for it. So literally just had the idea about 2 weeks ago. But it is going to be, immersive experience. So we we will absolutely have some, like, dude only things, Some women only things, parents, like, couples only things, and then we’ll have full on family activities, family exercises. We’re gonna do, like, little mini shark tanks And, like, cool challenges for the kids where we have this, like, beautiful, like, mega mansion in Lake Tahoe. And so we’ll have, like, boat charters and mountain biking and zip lining and spa experiences and private chefs and all of that. But The biggest reason I wanted to do this is because a lot of the time when I’m talking to women about coming to MGC retreats, one of the main things is, like, Just gotta check-in with my husband to make sure, like, the kids are all good.

Melissa [00:35:28]:

Like, he can watch them, blah blah blah. And I was like, that. How do I fix that? Like Mhmm. What if we incorporate your partner? What if we incorporate your kids? Because, yes, you wanna go to a business retreat. But what I also know is that these women deeply wanna spend, like, quality, intentional time with their kids, and they want their kids and their partners to see their world, to experience their world and to be around other families who believe in the same values and are growth minded and self aware and emotionally intelligent and leaders and inspiring and motivating. You know? Like, there’s just this level of momentum and, like, excitement that you walk away with when you’re around a community of people you know get you and your lifestyle, your values, the way you do life with your family. And so I really feel as though that will be such a exciting experience for the women who are meant to come to that. And then I also have one of my clients who has turned into, like, total soul sister, Caitlin.

Melissa [00:36:35]:

She’s a private wealth manager. With That idea to say no to HFM, I approached her to create a program and a retreat experience with her around helping women learn how to build and manage wealth. Because a lot of the time, they just either feel anxious around money. They don’t Know their money situation. They don’t look at their numbers. They don’t know how to build wealth. They abdicate that to, you know, like, a fractional CEO or, excuse me, a CFO or an accountant or a financial advisor who is, you know, motivated by certain commissions or different cuts of things or whatever it is. And I was like I said to Caitlin, what if we could teach women how to become work optional, which is a term she introduced me to.

Melissa [00:37:19]:

She has changed my whole damn life. And work optional is becoming so cashed up and diversified that you don’t you can choose if you wanna work. You’re not on the hook having to pay all the people and do all the things out of obligation, you can do it out of a place of freedom and choice.

Melissa [00:37:36]:

I’m like, hi. I’m a projector.

Melissa [00:37:39]:

Work on that.

Melissa [00:37:40]:

She. Optional. So is Caitlin one three.

Melissa [00:37:45]:

Caitlin is a one three projector.

Melissa [00:37:47]:

Oh, naturally. Of course. That’s like that’s the projector dream.

Melissa [00:37:54]:

Like, work offs. Absolutely.

Melissa [00:37:56]:

We’re not here

Melissa [00:37:56]:

to work. So

Melissa [00:37:57]:

many of us. Yeah. Exactly. We’re like you know, us that’s with the non fake roles. So I think that’s

Melissa [00:38:03]:

so True.

Melissa [00:38:05]:

So true. It’s like, well, that is definitely appealing. Fun question. How is being a manifestor working out for you?

Melissa [00:38:13]:

I fucking love it. I think once I got on board with, like, I have to initiate everything in my life, that used to feel a bit exhausting, but now I’m just like, well, of course, I have to be the one who does this. Well, of course, I have to be the one who opens up this conversation. Of course, I have to be the one who pitches this partnership or does this or does this. Like, once I got on board with that, everything became more easy. And once I understood, like, really starting to use any feelings of anger as, like, a prompt to figure out where I misaligned, that also became really powerful. So, I mean, I love it. I really I had a client once who’s a 3 5 Manny, And she was in private coaching with me, and she’s like, I just hate being a manifester.

Melissa [00:38:59]:

And I was like, you take that back right now. Never say that to me ever again. You are powerful. So there’s I feel as though a lot of manifestors can feel sense of, like, almost like obligation or burden with it. But I feel as though once you really learn it and expand into it and accept it, I mean, it is velocity, man. Like, it is true power. You’re the ultimate initiator. Like, life just goes really well for you if you anchor into your design.

Melissa [00:39:34]:

At least that’s been my experience.

Melissa [00:39:36]:

Yeah. No. Totally. I can go on about manifesting manifestors and manifesting and all the same.

Melissa [00:39:44]:

I recently discovered my sister’s a manifestor, I was like, oh, that makes a lot of sense why we butt heads.

Melissa [00:39:50]:

Oh, yeah. But I think, you know, So I’m studying BG five. Right? BG five, which is the official school for human design. And what I love is We’re learning about all the different types and manifestors, which are like the initiators known as the initiator types. Just, You know, they really are like the architects of the world, and I love that description because it’s truly it’s like Laying out the plans. Right? Like Yes. Where we need to be going.

Melissa [00:40:24]:

Girls are the builders.

Melissa [00:40:26]:

Right. Exactly. And it’s just like, Oh, that’s just so brilliant. And, obviously, because I know your design a little bit more intimately having looked at your gene keys as well that you just have So so much power coming through that that voice with that number 12, which is the powerful voice. Those of you who are listening, go find your human design chart. You can even just Google free human design, or you can go on my website, melissaleithwood.com, and you’ll find a link to get Grab your own, and you will, you know, understand a little bit more about what we’re talking about. You can even look up whether you have the gate 12 or not. So and introduce yourself.

Melissa [00:41:10]:

If you’re a manifester, head on over to Jill’s world and let her know. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. So a couple more questions, sort of, like, quick questions. So what fear or limiting belief have you sort of outfought over the past 2 weeks since you’ve been talking so much about that. And I know that as a Serial entrepreneur and a successful one that it’s not like you don’t run into limiting beliefs on the daily.

Melissa [00:41:39]:

I think the biggest one was, like, am I really gonna walk away from this amount of cash?

Melissa [00:41:45]:


Melissa [00:41:45]:

That one was like I was like, oh, we could do so much with that. You know? Like, I would I was gonna host, like, a badass retreat with that. And that one really like, I had to do a lot of work around that one because I was like, is this dumb? Is it dumb to walk away from this one? But I just, like, could not shake the knowing. And so just allowing myself to be like, okay. Well, if I’m gonna leave that, how am I gonna, like, make up what that would have created, essentially? And that’s when family retreats dropped in. That’s when my Conversation with Caitlin for work optional came in. That’s when point medicine retreats came in. And also my idea around just offering Voxer coaching, like, I love that.

Melissa [00:42:28]:

And so, I mean, when you clear out what no longer serves you, I feel as though you create space for the magic to flow in and allowing myself to trust that and, like, not having to know how it’s all gonna shake out. That’s also been a lesson in my own expansion is, like, I don’t need to know because I actually just believe it will work. And so, like, what does it look like to just anchor into that and stop fucking trying to, like, guess or predict or control how it all, quote, unquote, has to happen. That one was big for me.

Melissa [00:43:03]:

Okay. And finally, as we’re ready to bring closure here. So visionaries, right, they stand for Energy management is what I wanna say. No. Truly. Because when you’re a visionary, you literally go from managing People to managing energy fields. Like, all the greatest visionaries in the world, Visionary leaders, they don’t get down in the weeds managing people. They have People to do that.

Melissa [00:43:38]:

Mhmm. Mhmm. Where they go is they go in terms of managing energy fields Because that’s where they have to lead people through. They have to keep people hold that hold the vision is literally holding the energy field. That’s what it means. Mhmm. And so, you know, you alluded to plant medicine, but I’m just curious. How are you managing your energy field?

Melissa [00:44:02]:

I do a lot of breath work. Yeah. I work out quite often. I read. I I have amazing women in my life, Truly, like, I have a lot of women that I chat with on the daily, how 4 of me, and I work through stuff. And I’ve also really allowed myself to be seen in the uncertainty. I used to, like, really try to like, 2018 days really put on I mean, even 2019, probably 2020, Like, before I really stepped into MGC, I really tried to, like, protect what people would see of me and, like, foster this, like, perfect, quote, unquote, like, image. And I’m just so fucking I find that so fucking exhausting now.

Melissa [00:44:42]:

And so allowing myself to have be in the mess and reach out to people and be honest about that, and then really take in what resonates with me from their perspectives. I’ve worked with coaches, marriage coaches, energy coaches, business coaches. Like, I’m a real strong believer in support and community and network. And so I invest in that heavily, and I show up for it. I think that’s the biggest thing. I show up for the things that I invest in, and I utilize them. And I show up with truth and honesty and vulnerability, and I allow myself to be seen even when it’s really fucking scary. Because I find when I do that is when I really anchor into my own power, allow myself to be seen, and go to a, like, a whole new level of my own clarity and my own momentum.

Melissa [00:45:32]:

And so it’s just been a process of that, really. And then breath work really supports me with that, like, in a big way.

Melissa [00:45:39]:

Thank you so much, Jill. Thank you for your energy, your wisdom, your presence. How can people find you? How can they land in your world?

Melissa [00:45:47]:

Yeah. The easiest way is just IG. So my Instagram is at the millionaire girls club. And that’s, like, the best portal into my world. And then if you wanna join the community that Melissa’s referencing, so that is Her First Million, it’s a 3 part workshop series. There’s bonuses. There’s the Facebook community where we do q and a’s in there. I have coaching available.

Melissa [00:46:09]:

I have Pep talks, which are like audio activations for different moods and vibes. And then, of course, which is closer proximity stuff. Yeah. I’m so excited to see that you got the whole vault. I love that.

Melissa [00:46:21]:

I was like, yeah. I have another one

Melissa [00:46:22]:

that I’m outlining. Yes. True.

Melissa [00:46:25]:

Like, you have k twelve. There’s no way I’m not gonna, like, Not listen to like, you’re so activating. Like, literally, your voice is so activating. I’m like, I put it on on 1 yeah. I do. I put it on in the morning. I’m like, Oh, yeah. I’m feeling this.

Melissa [00:46:37]:

Like, that. Yeah.

Melissa [00:46:39]:

You know? I’m about to shoot another one around building what you wanna build and doing it how you wanna do it. Thanks to my recent episode of clarity. But I feel as though often women get caught in what they they build, what they think they should build, or they do it how they think they should do it versus really tapping into how they wanna do it and what would deeply serve them in their design and their identity and their energy. So I think I’m gonna shape that as well.

Melissa [00:47:08]:

I love it. It’s like a lovingly kick in the pants every morning. That is my

Melissa [00:47:13]:

favorite thing. Loving kicks in the pants are, like, my love language.

Melissa [00:47:20]:

Thank you so much.

Melissa [00:47:21]:

Oh. Thank you so much, Melissa. That was great.

Melissa [00:47:25]:

Awesome. Thank you so much for listening. I hope that you Enjoyed this interview with Jill that you got a lot out of it. I know I certainly did just to get into the inner workings of Her mind, how she continually reinvents herself and really just stays true to who she is. You can hear the power in her voice. She gives Zero fucks. And so I think that that it itself is very activating. Feel free to Send her a message.

Melissa [00:47:54]:

Send me a message if you enjoyed this, and head on over to my website again. You know, if you’re ready to activate your $1,000,000 vision, I’ve got a great mini audio course there for you. And we’ll catch you on the next episode.

Time Stamps

00:02:27 Constantly evolving, growth, expansion, powerful, impactful, defining path.
00:03:34 Freedom to explore and define my path.
00:09:24 Closure, shedding, freedom: letting go of past.
00:12:55 Wished I knew my Human Design, approached differently.
00:15:13 Discovering misalignment, navigating guilt, starting anew.
00:17:07 The need for Josh, going solo, mind fucks, business takeover, anchor in power, strong initiator, good connector.
00:21:44 Questioning if participation in HFM feels right.
00:25:07 Alignment, peace, growth, community, selectivity, coaching.
00:26:35 Poor ability to create powerful networks reflects poorly.
00:32:04 Entrepreneur prioritizes personal vision over business.
00:35:28 Incorporate kids and partners in business retreat.
00:38:13 Loving the power of taking initiative.
00:41:45 Host retreats, coaching, and work conversation ideas.
00:44:42 Invest in support, show up with vulnerability
00:46:39 Empowering women to build on own terms.

Key Topics

I. Introduction

  • Speaker expresses love for taking initiative and being in control of their life.
  • Embracing the idea of being the one to initiate things.
  • Seeing anger as a cue for self-improvement.

II. Coaching Experience

  • Working with clients with different personality types.
  • One client who dislikes being a manifester.
  • Focusing on retention in professional life.

III. Personal Growth Journey

  • Creating a culture of codependency, people-pleasing, and lack of boundaries.
  • Realizing life was not aligned with desired vision.
  • Birth of the speaker’s son as a catalyst for personal growth.

IV. Guest’s Story

  • Guest consistently reinvents herself and prioritizes alignment and peace.
  • Audience gaining insights from guest’s story.
  • Promotion of a $1,000,000 vision activation mini audio course on speaker’s website.

V. Balancing Personal and Business Vision

  • Conversation with a successful entrepreneur about neglecting personal vision.
  • Importance of balancing family life and personal goals with business vision.
  • Personal vision before business vision.

VI. Letting Go and Finding Freedom

  • Closure of a chapter, expressing gratitude and sharing favorite memories.
  • Decision to let go of everything that no longer serves.
  • Feeling of freedom and pride after releasing what doesn’t align.

VII. Avoiding Mediocrity and Honoring Alignment

  • Desire to do what truly aligns with personal vision.
  • Belief that alignment leads to velocity.
  • Trusting intuition and honoring feelings of alignment.

VIII. Moments of Awakening

  • Crying, feeling overwhelmed, and questioning decisions.
  • Awakening in early 2018, 38 weeks pregnant, and feeling trapped in business.
  • Importance of support, community, and networking.

IX. Investing in Support and Growth

  • Working with various coaches in different areas of life.
  • Investing heavily in support and showing up for it.
  • Importance of truth, honesty, vulnerability, and being seen.

X. Misalignment and Starting a New Venture

  • Realization of misalignment with previous business.
  • Leaving partner to start own venture.
  • Uncertain and dark period following the decision.

XI. Pursuing Highest Potential

  • Focus on expanding into highest potential.
  • Not necessarily serving a million people or doing everything.
  • Selective private clients and Voxer-only coaching.

XII. New Ideas and Immersive Experiences

  • Ideas for plant medicine retreats and family retreats in MGC.
  • Turning down a group program to pursue new ideas.
  • Immersive experience with activities for men, women, couples, and families.

XIII. Addressing Family Concerns

  • Women wanting quality time with kids and partners understanding their world.
  • Incorporating partners and kids into business retreats.
  • Creating excitement and momentum among like-minded families.

XIV. Regrets and Human Design

  • Regret about not knowing human design during a certain time.
  • Different approach to human design now.
  • Discussion with another manifestor about confidence in design.

XV. Dealing with Misalignment in Partnership

  • Difficulties in approaching a partner not aligned with being front and center.
  • Speaker’s desire for Josh to stay despite his preference for a different role.

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