I was the woman who thought business had to be all "hustle..." which led to burnout.

Sound familiar? Now I'm on a mission to help wellness entrepreneurs utilize online marketing systems that help them get clients without having to do it all themselves, all the time.

I'm Melissa — a business strategist and wellness junkie. And, I help wellness entrepreneurs get clients.

I've got 10+ years of experience helping naturopathic doctors, functional medicine practitioners, physiotherapists, and holistic nutritionists use online marketing to acquire new patients into their practice.

...and I can totally relate! Did you know I took 3 years off in my marketing practice to start in a wellness based network marketing company while raising my girls. Yep! It's given me a chance to test out my strategies on me ... plus I've been a huge advocate for wellness since those awkward teen years when I started lifting weights (tbh...tomato cans) to Kiana's Flex Appeal on ESPN. 

Well... let me tell you... I quickly learned that socials can be FUN and effective ,when done strategically, but all consuming and that SEO remains king in driving ENDLESS automatic leads.

Now I'm not saying that social doesn't have it's place in a marketing strategy, it definitely does! ... but not everyone has the energy, interest, or time to dedicate to it. The point... ultimately a successful marketing strategy is one that works with how YOU work best. 

and wasting time without a strategy... beating themselves up... and getting zero results.

I see too many practitioners stuck on the social media hamster wheel... 

Discover how to market your practice in a way that's FUN for you.

Ready to unlearn old marketing patterns?

I'm so done with hustle culture and marketing based on fear and scarcity. I'm here for the new paradigm in business. One that's rooted in soul, integrity, intuition, solid connection and some biodegradable eco glitter for fun! 

I love to create marketing strategies that really honour the soul, strengths, heart, and even Human Design of the client (yes... we can go there!). 

In the world of my business...gone are the days of scripted sales funnels and scarcity pushing offers. I'll push you to find your voice and liberate yourself from what you think you "should" be doing so you can show up in your true essence, your soul truth. 

Fast facts. . .

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I'm obsessed with . . .

Stepping outside to gaze at the horizon every morning, hiking, creating art, a book, and a snuggle with my loves. 

for daily self care

Human Design and Gene Keys books, obsessed to say the least! 

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Kakao in my cup, Freedom Keeper sweats, frank in my diffuser, and my kettle bell (hubs and kids are a given :P)

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"Staff members are becoming more engaged in the practice and are wanting to take part in writing blogs and offering ideas for postings. There has been an increase in referrals to the clinic by 30% for the first quarter and a large portion of this number are clients that find the clinic online." — Angelique Montano-Bresolin, PT, Owner of Proactive Pelvic Health

"I would recommend Melissa’s coaching in a heartbeat!"

"“Before I started working with Melissa I thought of social media as just shouting into a void – I didn’t know if anyone was listening to what I said. Melissa showed me that by engaging in social media in a social way I could better connect with my community, my colleagues and my social media friends and followers." Dr. Lisa Watson, ND

"I would recommend Melissa’s coaching!"

"We used to get 1-3 new patients per month from online, after 3 months we were up to 8-10 per month and now after 9 months we are approaching 30 patients per month. These numbers only represent the low hanging fruit, we are not even close to reaching our ceiling with Melissa."— Dr. Derek Cook, ND, Owner at Healthflow

"You need to contact Melissa NOW, everyone needs a game changer!"

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