Courage was calling me into being more of myself so I could amplify my service.

Sound familiar? Now I'm on a mission to help leaders and professionals uncover and align with their innate gifts through Human Design and the Gene Keys so they can be more influential and in service. 

I'm Melissa — a vision clarifier and business amplifier. And, people find me when they need to tune to their calling.

I've got 10+ years of experience guiding leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals in their goals, vision, and strategies in alignment with their unique gifts. 

In December 2019 I discovered Human Design during a period of my life known as The Void. You may be wondering what exactly is a void? To me it was this midair feeling of no longer holding onto the past but still not anchored onto the new. A period of utter confusion and surrender. Perhaps you can relate?

Human Design equipped me with a personalized compass that empowered me to navigate the void without becoming consumed by other people's agendas and voices. Because before I knew my unique energy type I would unknowingly buy into programs and experience burnout trying to calibrate to everyone else's energy when I really needed to be calibrating to my own damn energy.

they tend to gain clarity of their role here on earth, seeing the bigger picture and vision for their life's work.

When people are in my field, they are called into being more of themselves

Ready for the formal introduction?

A little bit more about me...

  • Certified Visionary Leadership Coach with Dr. Oleg Konovalov, PhD.
  • 6/3 Emotional Projector, LAX Incarnation 1 in Human Design.
  • Mother of two Generator type girls.
  • Experienced Space Holder for Women.
  • Focus in seasonal energetics.
  • Human Design Professional - 31 Jovian Archive Courses taken & 190+ charts read.
  • BG5 Foundations Course Graduate.
  • Certified Gene Keys Guide.
  • Lymph, Blood, Breath, Tongue, Vagus Mojo certified through Dr. Perry Nickelston, DC.
  • Hon. Bach in Psychology and Communication Studies.
  • Master in Environmental Studies.
  • Advanced Business Diploma in Business and Sustainability.
  • 7 Years PhD Study in General Management (Strategy and Sustainability). 
  • Award winning published business writer.

My Human Design Chart

6/3 Emotional Projector
LAX Incarnation 1
Channel of Recognition
Channel of The Alpha
Channel of The Prodigal

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Fast facts. . .

Human Design books read


happy clients


years phd study in business


min qigong per day


I'm obsessed with . . .

Stepping outside to gaze at the horizon every morning, hiking, creating art, a book, and a snuggle with my loves. 

for daily self care

Human Design, Qigong, and Gene Keys books, obsessed to say the least! 

binging on my Night Stand

Herbal tea in my cup, fresh air, frank in my diffuser, Qigong in the morning, and lifting a sweat.

can't live without


"Staff members are becoming more engaged in the practice and are wanting to take part in writing blogs and offering ideas for postings. There has been an increase in referrals to the clinic by 30% for the first quarter and a large portion of this number are clients that find the clinic online." — Angelique Montano-Bresolin, PT, Owner of Proactive Pelvic Health

"I would recommend Melissa’s coaching in a heartbeat!"

"“Before I started working with Melissa I thought of social media as just shouting into a void – I didn’t know if anyone was listening to what I said. Melissa showed me that by engaging in social media in a social way I could better connect with my community, my colleagues and my social media friends and followers." Dr. Lisa Watson, ND

"I would recommend Melissa’s coaching!"

"We used to get 1-3 new patients per month from online, after 3 months we were up to 8-10 per month and now after 9 months we are approaching 30 patients per month. These numbers only represent the low hanging fruit, we are not even close to reaching our ceiling with Melissa."— Dr. Derek Cook, ND, Owner at Healthflow

"You need to contact Melissa NOW, everyone needs a game changer!"

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