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You're ready to step more into your self-leadership because you know achieving the next goal will require you to move from managing people into managing energy fields. You understand the greatness of your success relies upon the greatness of your vision. When you've got your attention on the future, you own your horizon. A strong and clear vision moves your work and life in an aligned direction.

it's all about understanding who you are and living your life in a way that's aligned for you

You know it's not about doing what works for other people.

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I offer potent one-on-one guidance to business leaders trailblazing extraordinary visions. Available by application only.

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I’m Melissa Leithwood - Founder of The Quantum Vision Method and a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach to leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs. I'm here to guide you in your truth so you can have the most lit, nourishing, and fun business and life! I mix in energetics, business strategy, soul alchemy, and a dash of biodegradable eco glitter to guide you toward amplifying your service, impact, and income. 

Vision clarifier · business amplifier· Soul Alchemist

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"Staff members are becoming more engaged in the practice and are wanting to take part in writing blogs and offering ideas for postings. There has been an increase in referrals to the clinic by 30% for the first quarter and a large portion of this number are clients that find the clinic online" — Angelique BM.

"I would recommend Melissa’s coaching in a heartbeat!"

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Vision crafting, at its core, is one of the most beautiful gifts you could give yourself and the business you care for. Vision has this alchemical ability ...

5 Books That Transformed My Visioning

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